ISSUES: What We Fight For

  1. Economic security
  2. Pension reform

  3. Housing — Affordable for All

  4. Health and home care
  5. Accessible transportation
  6. Justice


We prepare briefs and research papers, add our name to joint efforts at reform, sign and initiate petitions, contact newspapers and politicians, hold information sessions for our members and the public and represent the interests of mid-life and older women on various boards and advisory bodies. Please think about joining our efforts.

In the 2010-2011 fiscal year, Older Women’s Network has prepared submissions on:

  • Retirement Homes Act 2110. Bill 21. Draft Regulations.
  • Bill 65, An Act to Revise the Law in Respect of Not-for-Profit Corporations
  • National Housing Strategy Affordable Housing
  • Ontario Provincial Housing Strategy
  • Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat
  • Ontario Provincial Poverty Strategy
  • Status of Women Canada on Economic Wellbeing of Older Women

OWN is actively involved in:

  • The Pragmatic Proposal from Carewatch for a sustainable arms-length fund for financing supportive home care
  • Common Front for Retirement Security initiatives on section: Women and Pension Reform
  • Law Reform Commission of Ontario on Elder Law guidelines for policy makers and practitioners
  • National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (N.I.C.E.) financial literacy project for older women

We can also recommend this terrific guide to Seniors Activism from the Canadian Elder Law website.

Page last updated July 14, 2012