Economic Security

What is economic security for mid-life and older women?

A reliable and adequate source of income either from a pension (see Pension Reform) or from income supports such as Ontario Disability Support Program payments, Ontario Works program payments or other supports or, finally, for those below retirement age, a long-term and secure job with sick pay and other necessary benefits.

In pursuit of this goal, we work together with the Ad Hoc Coalition for Women’s Equality, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Social Planning Council Toronto, Toronto Council on Aging, Toronto Women’s City Alliance, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, and Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, among others.

What is an adequate income? It should be generous enough to secure appropriate shelter and provide food security and to enable women to participate in the life of the community.

Problems that we continue to place at the top of our agenda:

  • Training and support services for mid-life women seeking employment
  • Action on raising the minimum wage, implementing a Guaranteed Annual Income policy and strengthening current labour legislation, always using our gender lens perspective

Erin Harris, Margaret Hawthorn

November 3, 2011