Peterborough OWN in a “flash mob” to remember Montreal massacre

Peterborough OWN took part in a “flash mob” on Dec. 6th, to honour the 14 women who lost their lives 23 years ago in Montreal. The event was coordinated by the Peterborough Women’s Events Committee, with the YWCA taking the lead on this one. There were around 150 of us participating. We froze for two minutes in a busy mall food court. It took about 30 seconds for shoppers to catch, then came silence… amazing! At the end of the two minutes, shoppers started to clap! Not many dry eyes at that point! Also, we got some local press: “Frozen like statues in a busy mall food court” (with video) in the Peterborough Examiner. — Jill Jones, Peterborough OWN