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Lene Andersen’s blog on Living in Place:

Video of press conference at Living in Place meeting at Queens Park on Oct. 4, 2017.

CityNews Video about rental market of accessible housing


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Oldest Standing Social Housing Project

New Modular Building Construction

Intellectual Ventures and Collins Woerman partner on a new modular building technique that has: 50% reduction in time to design and build, construction cost 20% lower in comparable buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs by 20%, eliminates 75% of field construction labor, reduce energy and water by 50%.

Roger Gervais:  Example of universal design in San Francisco, CA, in 2011.

Richardson Apartments affordable housing complex contains 120 permanent studios for individuals who were formerly homeless. Universal Design considerations were especially important in this project, because the residents include many people with mental and physical disabilities. The mixed-use building also includes retail spaces on the ground floor, in order to create a place that adds to the diversity and value of the surrounding community.

Presentation and Awards of Recognition
On November 9, 2016, five leaders were recognized for supporting Accessibility and Universal Design.
These awards were made in appreciation of their contribution to bringing about universal design in housing, making it accessible for everyone of any age or ability.
See poster Living in place Event-flyer Nov. 9
The Winners:
1. AccessAbility Advantage

2. Daniels Corporation (Jake Cohen)

3. Houselink Community Homes

4. Tafler Rylett Architects (Cathy Tafler & Doug Rylett)

5. Toronto City Councillor David Shiner

Toronto Affordable Housing Committee Presentation Report
The OWN Housing Committee gave a 5 minute presentation on June 20, 2016 at the Toronto City Hall, at the meeting of the Toronto Affordable Housing Committee. Committee members Ronny Yaron and Thea Kurdi, who is also a member of Association of Design Professionals for Accessibility, talked about OWN’s project to promote universal design in all new construction of multi-unit buildings. They were first on the Agenda, and the presentation was a big success.
From Margret Jarvis:
“This morning OWN presented our ideas on 100% Visitable, Barrier Free and/or Universal Design multi-unit apartment buildings in Toronto. Something that should have been started 20 years ago to housing our growing numbers of seniors. I think the presentation was fantastic and several members of the City’s Housing Committee asked good questions, and Mayor John Tory sat in on the presentation. Our newest member, Thea Kurdi, an Architectural Accessibility and Universal Design Specialist, did a wonderful job of making this complicated topic sound like a “no brainer”. Great job Thea!”
You can see the presentation here:
Second Presentation to City and City Council’s Approval
On June 29, 2016 OWN made a similar presentation to the City of Toronto’s Disability, Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee. See our presentation to City on that date (Agenda item DI10.6):
Subsequent to that committee’s endorsement of our campaign, it was forwarded to the Mayor’s Executive Committee for further consideration.

On October 5, 2016 the Mayor’s Executive Committee brought our request for endorsement forward to all City Councillors and City Council endorsed our campaign. The motion read as follows (Agenda Item EX17.25).

Older Women’s Network Presentation on Universal Design in New Multi-Unit Residential Construction

Committee Recommendations

The Executive Committee recommends that:

1. City Council endorse the Living in Place campaign to promote universal design in construction of all new multi-residential buildings and to support the objectives to amend the Provincial Building Code to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all.

What is Holding Back Progress in Creating Accessible Buildings? by Thea Kurdi

UN Optional Protocol for the Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities

VisitAble Housing Canada