Computer savvy?

How do you like the new website?  Eleanor Batchelder, a new Council member, is the incoming webmaster, so she takes the bouquets and the bullets for the new format. Your feedback is invited — you can use the Comments form below, or send an email to

We gratefully applaud our outgoing webmaster Renate Simon for her many years of service. Renee continues as an OWN volunteer, maintaining and preparing all the OWN data files –- a daunting job.

A Short Survey

Though the OWN website is intended to inform the general public about us, some of its features are mainly useful to OWN members – calendar of events, membership renewal, etc. As the world shifts increasingly from paper mail and telephone, to the Internet and email, are we keeping up ⎯ as an organization and as individuals?

Please tell us about your computer usage (or not). You can respond by email (to or phone (call Eleanor at 647-235-0843).  Here’s what we’d like to know:

  • Do you have your own computer, or do you share one with others in your household, or use public computers at the library or other place?
  • How often do you check your email? (That is, if we send you something by email, how long is it likely to be before you actually see it?)
  • How comfortable are you in using the Internet? If you see an Internet link address (URL, like, how likely are you to follow it and see what’s there?
  • What computer and system are you using?  (e.g. Mac OSX, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.)  If you don’t know, go to Site Help (menu above) to find out.

We are particularly interested in hearing from members who do NOT use computers very much, or at all.  Why not?  What stands in your way?

OWN Computer Workshop

OWN is starting to offer free computer assistance to our members.  We’re having our first workshop on Thu., March 17 at 10 am on Front St. E.  If you’re interested in attending this or future ones, leave a comment below and we’ll get details to you.  We also plan to offer other kinds of assistance, perhaps phone help and short training sessions.