Have some spare time?  Join the group of active OWN members who actually run the organization — and have fun at the same time!  A commitment of a few hours once a month is welcome.  Tasks vary from stuffing envelopes to maintaining our newsletter and web page. Here are the current openings for volunteers:


Work on a variety of essential and interesting tasks to raise awareness of OWN such as distributing flyers, or developing a multi-media presentation for OWN speakers to use in the community. (The latter is expected to take the better part of a year to complete.)

Is editing something you’ve done or could contribute to? The team that creates OWN’s quarterly newsletter Contact meets two or three times before each issue to put the publication together from contributed material. Time: 3 hours, once a month.

The Contact mailing team collates inserts and gets Contact ready for mailing. Time: 3 hours, 4 times a year.

Contact Erin at the OWN Office.


Help maintain the reading room with our collection of feminist material to ensure that it is an attractive, well-organized space. Time: 2 hours per week, Fridays.

Work with the Chair to review feminist literature, both fiction and non-fiction, to create a wishlist of books. Can be done on your own time.

Help plan and attend the semiannual movie at the Toronto Reference Library. Time: 4 hours each movie.

Contact Marilyn Schafer, m.schafer@rogers


Be available on an occasional basis when there is a big mailout or large copying job to be done.

OWN’s November membership renewal drive. Time: 3 to 4 hours over 2 days.

To prepare for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) mailout and meeting, two volunteers are needed to photocopy, visit the printer, collate and mail material. Time: 3 to 4 hours over 2 days.

At the AGM itself, we need help with registration and voting procedure.

Contact Erin at OWN office.


Respond to requests for the donor form and ensure its completion and its inclusion in the ANAM CARA book. This record is a vital part of OWN’s history and values. Time: 2 hours once a month at the OWN office. Contact Erin at OWN office.


Since 2010 the OWN Housing Committee has been working hard to discover how groups, both nonprofit and profit, build affordable housing. We have shared this information with the public through our free educational program: Housing Literacy Series: “What Really Works in Creating Affordable Housing,” and now through our web page: Housing, Affordable for All.

The OWN Housing Committee is currently searching for new members, at all levels of skills and responsibilities, to help us continue our important work. There are a wide variety of “behind the scenes” jobs where someone can get started, or if you wish, you may want to consider sitting on the Housing Committee. Please contact our Chair, who will be happy to arrange an “informational meeting” with a Housing Committee Member at the OWN office. We will search for something that suits your skills and meets your comfort level. Contact Erin at OWN office.

Page last updated Apr. 2, 2013