Some interesting volunteer opportunities

Focus group on the effect of the law, Oct. 21
OWN is participating in the Ontario Law Reform Commission’s development of new guidelines for what they call “Elder Law” — the effect of the law on older adults. They need a focus group of older women, to take place Fri., Oct. 21 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm at Toronto Reference Library, to discuss legal needs and experiences with the law.  Can you give an afternoon to this worthwhile project? Contact Margaret at 416-767-8844 or  

Committee to create an honour: OWN Woman of the Year
We have decided that the time has come for OWN to honour senior women with an annual award. We are creating an ad hoc committee to establish criteria and procedures for the selection process. The committee, to be chaired by Mary Hynes, will present its recommendations to the OWN Council this spring, in time to announce the first recipient at our 25th Anniversary celebration in September 2012. Please contact the OWN office at 416-214-1518 to join this important committee.

Committee to review OWN Bylaws
The OWN Bylaws need to be revisited, to be sure that the organizational structure they describe still suits us. They were last reviewed when we were trying to get charitable status, and now that we are unabashedly an advocacy organization, there may be changes needed, as well as some clarifications. This committee will be working during the fall and winter, to have its recommendations approved by the OWN Council in time for presentation to the entire membership at AGM in June 2012. Please sign up for this critical ad hoc committee with the OWN office at 416-214-1518.