Sign a petition to expand access to Community Health Centres

Subject: Please sign and circulate this petition
From:     Mary MacNutt of Association of Ontario Health Centres

Please consider signing an online petition calling on Ontario’s next provincial government to expand access to Ontario’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs). You can sign either in a personal or professional capacity.

You probably know that the model of care that CHCs and AHACs provide is one of the great successes of Ontario’s health system. And yet, only four per cent of Ontarians can access CHCs and AHACs. This petition calls on the next government to correct this situation.   It says that by 2015 at least 250,000 more Ontarians should have access to CHCs and AHACs.

In addition to this online effort, many community groups throughout the province are running on-the-ground campaigns in support of local proposals to create new CHCs in their community.  By signing the online petition you will be supporting their efforts. For further information on CHCs, visit