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AuthorTitleDewey IDDateRemarks
Abboud, J. A. and Abboud, S. K.No More Joint Pain616.7 A2008
Abrams, W.B and Berkow, R., eds.Merck Manual of Geriatrics618.9 M1990
Acker, Alison & Brightwell, BettyOff Our Rockers and Into Trouble: Raging Grannies361 A2004
Adelaide Women's Art StudioIt Opens My Heart808.2 A
Advisory CouncilExpanding our Horizons305.4 A
Advocacy Centre for the ElderlyElder Abuse: The Hidden CrimeReference
Agonito, RosemaryHistory of Ideas on Women: A Source Book305 A1977
Allende, IsabelPaula: A Memoir863 A1994
Anderson, DorisRebel Daughter: An Autobiography921.7 An19962 copies l unmarked copy
Anderson, DorisRough Layout: A NovelF An1981Fiction
Anderson, DorisUnfinished Revolution (The)305.4 A1991
Anderson, M. ed.Dropped Threads 3810.8 A2006Short Stories
Anderson-Dargatz, GailCure for Death by Lightning (The)F An1996Fiction
Anderson-Dargatz, GailRecipe For Bees, AF An1998Fiction
Angelou, MayaI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings818 An1969Memoir
Angier, NatalieWoman: An Intimate Geography612Missing? Jan 2011
Appadurai, SamyCanada: The Meat of the World Sandwich971.0 A2009
ARC Poetry SocietyARC: Canada's National Poetry Magazine2000Journal Isssue
Armstrong, SallyNine Lives of Carlotte Taylor971.5 A2007
Armstrong, SallyVeiled Threat305.42002
Athill, DianaSomewhere Towards the End828.91 A2008
Atkins, Beryl T., ed.Collins-Robert French-English, English-French Dictionary, 2nd ed.443.2 C1987Reference
Atkinson, KateCase HistoriesF At2004
Atkinson, RichardDon't Just Retire, Live It! Love It!646.7 A2009
Atwood, MargaretBlind Assassin (The)F At2000Man Booker Prize Winner
Atwood, MargaretBodily HarmF At1981Fiction
Atwood, MargaretEdible Woman (The)F At1969Fiction
Atwood, MargaretHandmaid's Tale (The)F At1985Fiction
Atwood, MargaretJournals of Susanna Moodie, The819 A1970Poetry
Atwood, MargaretLady OracleF At1976Fiction
Atwood, MargaretNegotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing808.3 A2002
Atwood, MargaretPayback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth306.3 A2008CBC Massey Lectures 2009
Atwood, MargaretPenelopiad (The)F At2005Fiction
Atwood, MargaretPenelopiad: The Play819.22 A2007Drama
Atwood, MargaretPower Politics819.11971Poetry
Atwood, MargaretRobber Bride (The): A NovelF At1991
Atwood, MargaretWilderness TipsF At1991Fiction
Atwood,MargaretLife Before ManF At1979Fiction
Averill, NancyDiversity Matters: Changing the Face of Public Boards324.09 A2007Report
Backhouse, C & Flaherty, DH, edsChallenging Times: The Women's Movement in Canada and the United States305.421992
Bakker, IsabellaUnpaid Work and Macroeconomics: New Discussions, New Tools for Action331.2 B1998
Balfour, G & Comack, E, ed.Criminalizing Women364 B2006
Ball, HeatherGreat Women Leaders920.7 B2004
Bancroft, AnneWeavers of Wisdom: Women Mystics of the Twentieth Century200.9 B1989
Banes, C, Evans, P & Neysmith, SWomen's Caring362.041991
Bannerji, HimaniGaze (The)
Barber, Katherine, ed.Canadian Oxford Dictionary423 C1998Reference Contact c. 2
Barber, Katherine, ed.Paperback Oxford Canadian Dictionary, 2nd ed.420 P2006Reference AMRR c. 2
Barbery, MurielElegance of the HedgehogF Ba2006, 2008
Barfoot, JoanExit Lines: A Darkly Comic Novel about Everything that Matters, from Sex to Death.F Ba2008Fiction
Barfoot, JoanLuckF Ba2005Fiction
Barlow, MaudeCanada We Want (The)Missing
Barlow, MaudeFight of My Life: Confessions of an Unrepentant Canadian303.4 B1998
Barlow, MaudeProfit is not the Cure362.12002
Barnes, K & Davis, C, eds.Kiss Tomorrow Hello: Notes from the Midlife Underground810 B2006
Barr, PatCurious Life for a Lady, A: The Story of Isabella Bird, Traveller Extraordinary305 B1979
Barreca, ReginaThey Used to Call Me Snow White--But I Drifted155.31991Humor
Bashevkin, SylviaWomen, Power, Politics: The Hidden Story of Canada's Unfinished Democracy320.08 B2009
Bass, E & Davis, L.Courage to Heal (The)616 B1988
Bassoff, Evelyn S.Mothering Ourselves: Help and Healing for Adult Daughters306.8 B1991
Bates, Judy FongMidnight at the Dragon CafeF Ba2004Fiction
Bauer, GabrielleTokyo, My Everest952.1 B1995
Bauer, GabrielleWaltzing the Tango: Confessions of an Out-of-Step Boomer818.5 B2001
Bayley, JohnElegy for Iris823 B1999
Beer, FrancesPilgrims In LoveF Be2004Fiction
Bennett, CarolynKill or Cure? How Canadians Can Remake their Health Care System.362.1 B2000
Bennetts, LeslieFeminine Mistake (The)331.4 B2007
Beresford-Howe, ConstanceBook of Eve (The)F Be1973Fiction
Berry, Oonagh & Levine, HelenBetween Friends: A Year in Letters819 B2005Letters
Bird, CarolineBorn Female305.4 B1968
Bird, Chloe E. and Rieker, Patricia P.Gender and Health: The Effects of Constrained Choices and Social Policies362.1 B2008
Birdsell, SandraChildren of the DayF Bi2005Fiction
Birdsell, SandraChrome Suite (The)F Bi1992Fiction
Black, K & Elkins, H edsWising Up: Ritual Resources for Women264.02005
Bloom, LisaThink: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-down World158.1 B2011
Bobrow, EllaIrina Odoevtseva891 B1996
Bodger, JoanCrack in the Teacup, The: The Life of an Old Woman Steeped in Stories813.54 B2000Memoir
Bohachevsky-Chomiak, MarthaFeminists Despite Themselves305.4 B1988
Bolen, Jean ShinodaCrones Don't Whine305.2 B2003
Bolen, Jean ShinodaGoddesses in Older Women155.6 B2002
Bondar, RobertaArid Edge of Earth, The779.3 B2006
Borins Ash, IreneAging is Living: Myth-breaking Stories from Long-term Care.362.61 B2009
Boston Women's Health Book CollectiveOur Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause618.1 B2006
Boston Women's Health BooksOur Bodies, Our Selves305.4 B
Braithwaite, Ann Women's Studies:Pasts, Presents etc.305 B2004
Brand, DionneLand to Light On811.51997Poetry GG winner
Brand, DionneNo Burden to Carry: Narratives of Black Working Women in Ontario: 1920s to 1950s971 B1991
Brasseur, DeeAchieve it! A Personal Success Journal.818 B1995
Brice, Carleen, ed.Age Ain't Nothing But a Number310.82003
Brodie, LalithaPeace With Justice811 B2005Poetry
Brodribb, SomerReclaiming the Future305 B1999
Bronte, CharlotteJane Eyre823.8 B2000
Brookner, AnitaClosed Eye (A)F Br1991Fiction
Brooks, GeraldineNine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women305.48 B1995
Browdy De Hernandez, J, ed.Women Writing Resistance: Essay on Latin America and the Caribbean305 B2003Essays
Brown, Brenda Lea, ed.Bringing It Home: Women Talk about Feminism in Their Lives305.42 B1996
Brown, RosemaryBeing Brown328.7 B1989
Brownmiller, SusanFemininity305.41984
Broyard, BlissMy Father, DancingF Br1999Short Stories
Brumberg, Joan JacobsBody Project: An Intimate History of American Girls305.2 B1997
Buchan, ElizabethRevenge of the Middle-Aged WomanF Bu2002Fiction
Burnard, BonnieGood House (A)F Bu1999Fiction
Burns, Sarah FelixJackfish, The Vanishing VillageF Bu2007Fiction
Burstow, BonnieHouse on Lippincott, TheF Bu2006Fiction
Bush, CatherineRules of Engagement, TheF Bu2000Fiction
Butala, SharonPerfection of the Morning (The): An Apprenticeship in Nature819.3 B1995
Butala, SharonReal Life: StoriesF Bu2002Short Stories
Butler-Jones, DavidChief Public Health Officer's Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2010: Growing Older-Adding Life to YearsREF AR2010Reference Annual Report
Callwood, JuneJim: A Life with AIDS362.1 C1988
Callwood, JuneTwelve Weeks in Spring: The Inspiring Story of Margaret and Her Team362.1 C1986
Cameron, JuliaArtist's Way153.3 C1992
Cameron, JuliaSound of Paper (The)153.32005
Cameron, JuliaVein of Gold (The)153.31996
Campbell, HelenTurnip BluesF Ca1998Fiction
Canada. Advisory Council on the Status of WomenSharing our Experience305.4 C1993
Canada. Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for SeniorsAge-Friendly Rural and Remote Communities: A GuideReport2007?
Canada. House of CommonsPension Security for Women: Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women331.25 Ca2009Reference
Canada. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings. 2nd ed.362.4 G2009
Canada. National Advisory Council on AgingReport Card: Seniors in CanadaRef 305.2C2001Reference
Canada. National Advisory Council on AgingSeniors in Canada: Report Card305.2 C2001Reference
Canada. National Council of WelfarePension Reform: A Report by the National Council of Welfare331.2 C1990
Canadian Association of Occupational TherapistsNational Blueprint for Injury Prevention in Older DriversReport2009
Canadian Donor's GuideCanadian Donor's Guide to Fundraising Organizations in Canada361.7 C2011-12Reference
Canadian Heritage, Department ofYour Guide to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms342.7 C2003Reference
Canadian Journal on AgingAging: Viellissement326.6 C1997
Canadian Women's StudiesCelebrating Doris Anderson323.4 C2007Journal v. 26 Issue n. 2
Caplan, PaulaMyth of Women's Masochism, The155 C1985
Care WatchAging at Home: Notes from the Community362.7 Cn.d.
Carr, EmilyGrowing Pains: The Autobiography of Emily Carr921 C1946
Carr, KrisCrazy Sexy Cancer Survivor616.99 C2008
Carson, Ann ElizabethMy Grandmother's Hair920 C2006Autobiography
Carson, Ann ElizabethShadows Light819 C2005Poetry
Carstairs, S & Higgins, TDancing Backwards320.08 C2004
Carty, Linda, ed.And Still We Rise: Feminist Political Mobilizing in Contemporary Canada305.4 C1993
CFUW Burlington ClubRight To Write Group808
Champ, J & Moore, CRipe: The Truth about Growing Older--618.1
Chang, JungWild Swans951C1991
Childbirth by Choice Trust, Ed.No Choice: Canadian Women Tell Their Stories of Illegal Abortion363 C1998
Chodron, PemaPracticing Peace in Times of War294.3 C2006
Chong, DeniseConcubine's Children (The)305 C1995
City of Toronto. Roundtable on SeniorsHousing Toronto Seniors (2003-2006)Report
Clark, JoanLatitudes of MeltF Cl2000Fiction
Cleverdon, Catheerine L.Woman Suffrage Movement in Canada305.4 C
Clio Collective, TheQuebec Women: A History305.4 C1987
Cohen, DianNew Retirement, The332.01999
Cohen, LeahSmall Expectations: Society's Betrayal of Older Women362.6 C1984
ColetteBlue LanternF Co1963Fiction
Collins, GailWhen Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present305.409 C2009
Community HealthBorderline Personality DisorderReport? Missing 2010
Cooper, AfuaHanging of Angelique (The)971 C2006
Cooper, DianaTransform Your Life305.21993
Cooper, Sue EllenRed Hat Society: Fun and Friendship After Fifty305.22004
Cooper, Sue EllenRed Hat Society's Laugh Lines: Stories of Inspiration and Hattitude305.22005
Corrective CollectiveNever Done: Three Centuries of Women's Work in Canada331.409 C1974
Coulter, ElizabethIsabelle: A Wilful Woman.305 C2003
Cowley, Deborah & George CowleyOne Woman's Journey: A Portrait of Pauline Vanier920.7 C1992
Coyle-Martin, AnnieMusic of What Happens (The)F Co2001Fiction
Craven, MargaretI Heard the Owl Call My NameF Cr1967Short Stories
Crean, SusanGrace Hartman: a Woman for Her Time331.81995
Crean, SusanLaughing One (The)759.1C2001
Creighton, HelenFolk Tale Journey Through the Maritimes398 C1993
Crisp, Wendy ReidWhen I Grow Up I Want to Be 60305 C2006
Cronish, NettieNettie's Vegetarian Kitchen641.51996
Culleton, BeatriceIn Search of April RaintreeF Cu1983Fiction
Curnoe, LyndaMy Brother Greg709 C2001
Dahl, LindaCome Back Carmen MirandaF Da2002Short Stories
Dai SijieBalzac and the Little Chinese SeamstressF Da2001
Daly, MaryAmazon Grace: Re-calling the Courage to Sin Big305.42 D2005
Daly, MaryGYN/Ecology301.4 D1978
Danticar, EdwigeBreath, Eyes, Memory: A NovelF Da1994
Davis, AngelaAngela Davis: An Autobiography322.4 D1974
Davis, MinervaWretched of the Earth and Me, The971 D1992
Day, Shelagh & Brodsky, GwenWomen and the Equality Deficit: the Impact of Restructuring Canada's Social Programs361 R1998Status of Women Canada
de PizanBook of the City of Ladies (The)F De1982Fiction
De St-Andre, LucilleBye-Bye, Baden-BadenF De1998Short Stories
de Vasconcelos, ErikaMy Darling Dead OnesF De1997Fiction
Demerson, VelmaIncorrigible365 D2004
Dickinson, Mary LouOne Day It HappensF Di2007Short Stories 2 copies?
Dinesen, IsakDaguerreotypes and Other Essays839 D1979
Domar, Alice D. and Henry DreherHealing Mind, Healthy Woman613 D1996
Doress, PB. & Laskin Siegal, DOurselves, Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power305.4 D1987
Doress-Worters, P & Laskin Siegel, DNew Ourselves, Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power305.4 D1997
Dowd, MaureenAre Men Necessary305.3 DMissing 2009
Downs, Marion P.Shut Up and Live! (You Know How)613.04 D2007
Doyle, JamesTransformations: The Life of Margaret Fulton, Canadian Feminist, Educator and Social Activist370.92 D2006
Drabble, MargaretGates of Ivory (The)8231991Fiction
Dranoff, Linda SilverEvery Canadian's Guide to the Law349.71 D2005
Dublin, AnneJune Callwood: A Life of Action305.42 D2006
Duncan, DorothyNothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food641.3 D2003
Dunphy, CatherineMorgentaler: A Difficult Hero363 D2003
Edgecombe, LindaShift--or Get Off the Pot: 26 Simple Truths About Getting a Life158.1 E2008
Edwards, Peggy, et al.Healthy Boomer: A No-nonsense Midlife Health Guide for Women and Men613 E1999
Edwards, VirginiaDepression and Bipolar Disorders616.83 E2002
Egoscue, PetePain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain616 E1998
Ehrenreich, BarbaraBait and Switch654.1 E2005
Ehrenreich,BarbaraNickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America305.5 E2001
Eichenbaum, Luise and Susie OrbachBetween Women: Love, Envy, and Competition in Women's Friendships155.6 E1989
Eichler, M, Larkin, J & Neysmith, S eds.Feminist Utopias: Re-Visioning Our Futures305.4 E2002
Elkind, Sue SanielAnother Language811.5 E1988Poetry 2 copies?
Elliot, G, Hunt, M & Hutchison, K, edsFacts on Aging in Canada305 E1996
Enwright, DominiqueWicked Wit of Women817 E2003
Ephron, NoraI Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.305.4 E2006
Epp, M, Iacovetta, F & Swyripa, F, edsSisters or Strangers: Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History305.4 E2004
Estes, Clarissa PinkolaWomen Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype398.081992
Evans, Diana26a: A NovelF Ev2005
Falk, FlorenceOn My Own: The Art of Being a Woman Alone306.81 F2007
Farlinger, Shirley and Derek PaulHis and Her Verses819 F2009Poetry
Farooqi, Musharaf AliStory of a WidowF Fa2008
Farrell, AnnGrace MacInnis: A Story of Love and Integrity328.7 F1994
Farrell, AnnSketches from the Past305 Fn.d.
Federico, MegWelcome to the Departure Lounge: Adventures in Mothering Mother649.8 F2009
Ferneyhough, BeatriceSinging in the Night811.5 F1994Poetry
Ferraro, GeraldineFerraro: My Story973.9 F1985
Finlay-Young, JaneFrom Bruised FellF Fi2000Fiction
Flahiff, F.T.Always Someone To Kill The Doves: A Life of Sheila Watson920 Fl2005Biography
Foord Kirk, J.Surviving the Upheaval in your WorkplaceReference
Forbes, MalcolmWomen Who Made a Difference920 F1990
Ford, Anne Rochon and Diane SaibilPush to Prescribe: Women & Canadian Drug Policy362.17 F2010
Forster, MargaretShadow BabyF Fo1996Fiction
Forster, MargaretSignificant Sisters: The Grassroots of Active Feminism 1839-1939305.4 F1984
Forster, Merna100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces920.7 F2004
Franklin, UrsulaReal World of Technology303.4 F1990CBC Massey Lecture Series
Franklin, Ursula M.Pacifism As a Map303.6 F
Fraser, AntoniaWeaker Vessel: Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England305.4 F1984
Fraser, SylviaMy Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and Healing819.3 F1987
Fraser, SylviaRope in the water: a pilgrimage to India915.4 F2003
Fraser, Sylvia, ed.Woman's Place: Seventy Years in the Lives of Canadian Women305.4 S1997
French, MarilynBeyond Power: On women, Men & Morals305 F1985
French, MarilynFrom Eve to Dawn Vol.1305.42002
French, MarilynFrom Eve to Dawn Vol.2305.42003
French, MarilynFrom Eve to Dawn Vol.3305.42002
French, MarilynWomen's Room (The)F Fr1977Fiction
Friday, NancyMy Mother, My Self: The Daughter's Search for Identity158.24 F1977
Friedan, BettyFeminine Mystique (The)305.2 F1963
Friedan, BettyFountain of Age (The)305.26 F1993
Gallant, MavisAcross the BridgeF Ga1993Short Stories
Gallant, MavisEnd of the World and Other StoriesF Ga1982Short Stories
Gallant, MavisIn TransitF Ga1988Short Stories
Ganahl, Jane, Ed.Single Woman of a Certain Age306.8 G2005
Genova, LisaStill AliceF Ge2007
Gibb, CamillaSweetness in the BellyF Gi2005Fiction
Gibson, MargaretOpium DreamsF Gi1997Fiction
Gildner, CatherineToo Close to the Falls: A Memoir301.4 G1999
Gilman, DorothyNew Kind of Country, A818 Gi1978Memoir
Gilmour, Lorna, ed.Collins Canadian Thesaurus423 C2006Reference 1copy in AMRR, 1 copy Contact
Goldstein, Esther K.H.Comprehensive Guide to Retirment Living, 13th ed.362.61 C2010Annual
Gordimer, NadineSport of Nature: A NovelF Go1987Fiction
Gossage, CarolynGreatcoats and Glamour Boots: Canadian Women at War, 1939-1945940.5 G2001
Gould, JoanSpinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal about the Transformations in a Woman's Life398 G2005
Govier, KatherineBefore and AfterF Go1989Fiction
Govier, KatherineCreationF Go2002Fiction
Govier, KatherineFables of Brunswick AvenueF Go1985Short Stories
Gowdy, BarbaraMister SandmanF Go1995Fiction
Granfield, LindaBrass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes: Stories from Canada's British War Brides940 G2002
Gray, CharlotteSisters in the Wilderness971 G1999
Green, Joan et al, eds.Northern Lights: Outstanding Canadian Women920 G20042 copies
Green, LindsayYou Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready?155. 67 G2010
Greer, GermaineChange (The): Women, Aging and the Menopause612.6 G1991
Greer, GermaineSex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility306.7 G1984
Greer, GermaineShakespeare's Wife822.3 G2007
Groh, ArleneA Healing Approach to Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: The Restorative Justice Approaches to Elder Abuse Project362.6 G2003
Growing Room CollectionRoom of One's OwnJournalissues
Gullard, SandraMany Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.920 G Biog1995
Hallet, Mary & Davis, MarilynFiring the Heather: Nellie McClung305.4 H1993
Halvorson-Boyd, G & Hunter, Lisa K.Dancing in Limbo: Making Sense of Life after Cancer362.1 H1995
Hamilton, Sharon JeanMy Name's Not Susie: A Life Transformed by Literacy921 H1995
Hanscomb, G. & Smyers, V. L.Writing for their Lives: The Modernist Women 1910-1949820 H1987Lit. Crit.
Harden, BL & Craig R.Alternative Health Care362 HMissing 2009
Harpur, TomLife After Death202.3 H1991
Harpur, TomThe Uncommon Touch: An Investigation of Spiritual Healing615.8 H1994
Harrigan, Betty L.Games Mother Never Taught You: Corporate Gamesmanship for Women305.41977
Harris, JoanneFive Quarters of the OrangeF Ha2001Fiction
Harvor, ElisabethAll Times Have Been ModernF Ha2004Fiction
Hayes, BarbaraThis Small Life: A Woman's Healing Journey362 H2002
Health CanadaFrom Victim to Survivor (survivors of incest)362.88Missing
Health Council of CanadaCommentary on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy362.17 H2009
Health Council of CanadaStatus Report on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy362.17 H2009
Heeney, Helen, ed.Life Before Medicare: Canadian Experiences362 H1995
Heilbrun, Carolyn G.Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty813 H1997Memoir 2 copies
Helms, DorotheaWriting Fairy Guide to Calling Yourself a Writer808 H2005
Hembroff-Schleicher, EEmily Carr: The Untold Story7591978
Hennessy, Trish and Finn, Ed, eds.Speaking Truth to Power: A Reader on Women's Inequality305.42 H2010
Herd, Dean and Andrew MitchellDiscouraged, Diverted and Disentitled: Ontario Works New Service Delivery Model362.58 H2002
Herd, Dean and Mitchell, AndrewDiscouraged, Diverted and Disentitled: Ontario Works New Service Delivery Model1997?
Heynen, JimOne Hundred over 100: Moments with One Hundred North American Centenarians305.2 H1990
Highe, JackieModern Grandparents' Guide306.87 H2008
Hill, LawrenceBook of Negroes: A NovelF Hi2007Fiction
Hirsi Ali, AyaanCaged Virgin (The): An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam823 Ha2006Memoir
Hirsi Ali, AyaanInfidel949.2 H2007
Hirsi Ali, AyaanNomad305.42 H2010
Holbrook, LeslieImproving with Age: How to Enjoy Your Senior Years646.7 H1985
Holdsworth, AngelaOut of the Doll's House942 H1988
Hollander, NicoleTales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial814 Ho2007Essays
Hospital, Janette TurnerIsobarF Ho1990Short Stories
Hospital, Janette TurnerThe Last MagicianF Ho1992
Hovanec, M & Shilton, ERedefining Retirement: New Realities for Boomer Women646.7 H2007
Howarth, JeanTreasure Island: A Collection818 Ho1979Memoir
Howells, Coral AnnPrivate & Fictional Words: 70's and 80's813 H1987Lit Crit
Hoy, ClaireTruth about Breast Cancer (The)362.1 H1995
Huckle, PatriciaTish Sommers, Activist, and the Founding of the Older Women's League305.4 H1991
Huggan, IsabelBelongingF Hu2003Fiction
Huggan, IsabelElizabeth Stories (The)F Hu1984
Huggan, IsabelYou Never KnowF Hu1993Short Stories
Hunt, Krista & Saulnier, Christine, eds.Feminism(s) on the Edge of the Millennium: Rethinking Foundations and Future Debates305.4 H2001
Hunter, Dorothy M.Pocketful of Wry (A)811 H2006Poetry 2 copies
Huston, NancyInstruments of DarknessF Hu1997Fiction
Hyde, ElizabethAbortionist's Daughter (The)F Hy2006
Iacovetta, F. & Valverde, M., eds.Gender Conflicts: New Essays in Women's History365.4 I2002
Ibsen, HenrikDoll's House. In a New Translation by Nicholas Rudall.839.8 I1999Play
International Women's Rights ProjectConstitute! An Educational DVD on Women's Activism in Constitutional and Democratic Reform303.4 I2010DVD
Irwin, GraceThree Lives in Mine920 Ir1986Biography
Jacobs, JaneDark Age Ahead909 J2004
Jacobs, JaneDeath and Life of Great American Cities307.7 J1992
Jacobs, JaneIdeas that Matter307.7 J1997
Jacobs, JaneSystems of Survival: A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics307.7 J1994
Jacobs, Ruth HarrietBe an Outrageous Older Woman305.4 J1993
Jaffe, EllenWriting Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal808 J2001
James, DonnaCanadians: Emily Murphy971.06 J2001
Jameson, Mrs.Winter Studies & Summer Rambles in Canada301.4 J1972Facsimile of 1838 edition
Jensen, RobertGetting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity306.77 J2007
Joy, W. BrughJoy's Way: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies615.5 J1979
K.ippax, JeannieRolling Along the Way: A Collection of Jeannie-isms819 K1999Poetry
Kalman, JudithCounty of Birches (The)F Ka1998Short Stories
Keith, JulieDevil Out There (The)F Ko2000Short Stories
Kelly, DierdreParis Times Eight: Finding Myself in the City of Dreams070.9 K2009
Kielburger, Craig and Mark KielburgerMe to We: Finding Meaning in a Materiel World. 2nd ed.171.8 K2007
Kieran, SheilaFamily Matters (The): Two Centuries of Family Law and Life in Ontario346 K1986
Kilimanjaro GranniesKilimanjaro: A Purposeful Journey816.72 K2009
King, Dana E, et alDealing with the Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Menopause: Finding Hope in the Midlife618.1 K2005
Kippax., JeannieMusings Along the Way: A Collection of Jeannie-isms819 K2003Poetry
Kirk, Janis FoordSurviving the Upheaval In Your Workplace: a Career Guide for Changing Times331.2 K1994
Klein, Bonnie SherrSlow Dance: A Story of Stroke, Love and Disability362.1 K1997
Klein, NaomiFences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate337 K2002
Kogawa, JoyObasanF Ko1981Fiction
Kostash, MyrnaHer Own Woman920 K1975
Kreamer, AnneGoing Gray: How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style306.4 K2007
Kulyk-Keefer, JaniceRest HarrowF Ku1992Fiction
Kupecek, LindaRebel Women: Achievements Beyond the Ordinary971.2 K2003
Kyi, Tanya LloydCanadian Girls Who Rocked the World305.23 K2009
Lachman, BarbaraHildegard, The Last Year.F La1997
Lachman, BarbaraJournal of Hildegard of Bingen (The)F La1993
Lakeman, LeeCanada's Promises to Keep: the Charter and Violence Against Women362.88 L2003CASAC
LaMarsh, JudyVery Political Lady (A)921 L1979
Landry, MargaretAfter 50 Take Them Out and Shoot ThemF La1985
Landsberg, MicheleThis is New York, Honey!947 L1989
Landsberg, MicheleWomen & Children First: A Provocative Look at Modern Canadian Women at Work and Home305.42 L1982
Landsberg, MicheleWriting the Revolution305.42 L2011
Langton, H.H., Ed.Gentlewoman in Upper Canada: The Journals of Anne Langton (A)971 L1950
Lansens, LoriWife's TaleF La2009Fiction
LaRoche, LorettaKick Up Your Heels...Before You're Too Short to Wear Them158 L2007
Latham, B & Kess, C, eds.In Her Own Right: Selected Essays on Women's History in B.C.920.7 L1980
Lau, EvelynIn The House of Slaves811.5 L1994Poetry
Laurence, MargaretDance on the EarthF La1989Fiction
Laurence, MargaretDiviners (The)F La1974Fiction
Laurence, MargaretRachel, RachelF La1966Fiction
Laurence, MargaretStone Angel (The)F La1964Fiction
Lawson, MaryCrow Lake: A NovelF La2002Fiction
Lear, Martha WeinmanWhere Did I Leave My Glasses?155.67 L2008
Lennon, MaureenPlace Apart, AF Le2005Fiction
Leonard, AnnieStory of Stuff: How our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, our Communities, and Our Health - and a Vision for Change.306.4 L2010
Lerner, GerdaCreation of Patriarchy (The)305.409 L1986
Lessing, DorisSummer Before the DarkF Le1973Fiction
Levine, StephenHealing into Life and Death155.9 L1987
Levine, Susan BraunInventing the Rest of Our Lives: Women in Second Adulthood305.2 L2005
Lewis, StephenRace Against Time323 L2005
Lincoln, Marilyn G.Condominium Self-Management Guide (The). 2nd ed.643.2 L1999
Lindbergh, ReeveNo More Words: A Journal of my Mother, Anne Morrow Lindbergh818 L2001
Lindstrom, VarpuDefiant Sisters: A Social History of Finnish Immigrant Women in Canada305 L1998
Little, Margaret HillyardIf I Had a Hammer3312005
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