Alfreda Mordas Reading Room

The Alfreda Mordas Reading Room is in the OWN office, and is open whenever the office is open (see Contact Us).  Read about its history.

The aim of the Reading Room is to highlight the the literary contributions of mid-life and older women.  Donated books in these categories would be welcome:  feminist fiction and non-fiction on mid-life and older women; self-help and self-affirmation for mid-life and older women; up-to-date information on managing finances, pensions, finding employment, and health in all its aspects.

The Reading Room Committee has established some rules for its use and they are posted in the Room.  Please observe the system for signing out books.  A  limit of two books can be borrowed, by OWN members only.

To find out what books are in the Reading Room, consult the searchable online catalog.

Volunteers for the Reading Room – OWN members interested in being part of the Alfreda Mordas Reading Room Committee are welcome.  An interest in, and familiarity with, Canadian mid-life and older women writers is the most important aspect of this work.  A volunteer is needed for Fridays to help keep the collections up to date.  Please contact Marilyn Schafer or Erin Harris at the OWN office.